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Corporate Investigations Glasgow

Detective Agency Glasgow offer customer business investigations to enterprise consumers. These investigations are carried out by very skilled and specialist private investigators that are able to tailor make the investigation to fit in with your needs. A friendly and helpful case manager will be appointed to you who can assist with your inquiries surrounding your case.

There are numerous situations within your business that may require the help of a private detective provide corporate investigation services provide corporate investigation services which can include looking into a business that you will be considering acquiring, CV or Resume inspections, staff background record checks and looking into new or existing clients to check they are upstanding in the community and they are able to trade with you.

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Glasgow Corporate Investigations

The security manager from a company that managed several high-end stores sought to hire a private investigator from Detective Agency Glasgow. One of their women's shoe stores discovered during an inventory they could not account for several pairs of expensive shoes. In their places were their empty shoe boxes. The store told our private investigator the store had a staff of five workers: two full-time managers and three part-time sales associates. Since there were only single shoes on display in the store, any theft had to take place in the stockroom. Since the shoes were of such a high-quality and price, the employees kept the back-room locked most of the time the store was open. Each employee had the code for getting into it. There had been no signs of break-ins or burglaries. When the store received the shoes for delivery, the protocol dictated the staff opens each box and account for each shoe against the packing slip. Because of this, the manager was certain the loss occurred after the shoes entered the stockroom. There were cameras in the storefront, but they had not installed any in the stockroom itself. The manager asked our private detective to conduct a corporate investigation to try to find who committed the theft and to provide information to prevent more theft in the future. Fortunately, the company had not confronted the employees with their suspicions, and our private detective advised the manager not to tip off the staff. We wanted to catch anyone stealing in the act.

Corporate Investigations in Glasgow

During the night after the store closed, our private investigators hid four cameras that would cover the two aisles of shoes in the stockroom. This provided us with a view of each aisle from two vantage points. We placed a fifth hidden camera in the small office which was only big enough to hold the store managers' desk and the employees' lockers. We also got a feed from the cameras in front of the store. After days of surveillance, our private detective saw one of the part-time employees take a pair of high heels from a box. This was unusual because typically, the sale staff would take the box with them to the sales floor assuming a sale. The camera in the office picked up the employee going to her locker with the shoes. There she spent a few minutes arranging something within the locker. Then she went back to work. As the store manager and the employee in question closed the shop, the company's security manager with one of our Glasgow Private detectives asked if they could talk with her in the office. They confronted her with their suspicions and had her open her locker. There was nothing in the locker, but the woman was wearing a fashionable bulky down coat. They asked the woman to take if off and the manager found two pockets inside the jacket with the shoes, one placed in each of the pockets. The security manager called the police who arrested the woman. Further investigation found the woman had been selling different high-end shoes on an online auction site for several months under another identity.

The security manager reported to us that this solved the mystery of the missing shoes. No more shoes had disappeared from the store. Their stable inventory satisfied him that this woman had worked alone. Due to this success, the company hired Detective Agency Glasgow to consult on the effectiveness of their security in several of their other shops.

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