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Detective Agency Glasgow have many ways in which they can help a small to medium business monitored. If you are the boss of a company and you are always wondering what is going on in the office while you are out in business meetings who is keeping an eye on your staff? Your efforts to promote the business could be fruitless if your staff are lazy and unproductive but how do you know who is a good employee and who is not? Our employee monitoring services will help you find out who to keep and who to fire.

All of our private investigators in Glasgow have years of experience aiding organization to evaluate personnel. These types of incorporate investigations employ the use of secret Closed-circuit television camera installing, lie detector test, Laptop or computer monitoring phone tracking of calls etc If there is .any possibility that a crime may be happening then none of the investigation methods need to be discussed with the employees. These investigation methods have been very successful for our private detective agency.

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The owner of a growing social media support company contacted the Detective Agency Glasgow. He wanted to hire a private detective to help him devise a strategy for keeping his employees on schedule. His business was dependent on meeting his clients' deadlines. He had a large staff of writers who did nothing but provide content on his clients' social media. The company guaranteed the postings would be current and relevant. Part of what they did was find ways to combine trending topics and the clients' themes in clever ways. This needed intense focus, creativity, and prompt attention. As the staff got larger, however, more clients complained about the content. It was not fresh enough or relevant enough. The management felt that this was due to the staff taking too much break time. The management felt they were developing a corporate culture that had no interest in promptness because their inability to monitor their employee's breaks. He wanted our private investigators to help him find some way to check his employee's time in the office.

Employee Monitoring in Glasgow

We suggested that we tell the writers that cameras would be place on the main floor of the office, in the break room and at the exits to record their comings and goings. At first, the owner complained that if the employees knew the cameras were present, they would start to behave accordingly. He worried that we would not catch the more apathetic employees. We convinced him there was no need to catch the employees. If the presence of the cameras changed their behaviour for the better, our private detective reasoned it should be enough for solving this problem. We held a mass meeting with the employees who grumbled at first. But in time, they said they didn't even think about the cameras any more except when they were arriving or leaving. Almost immediately, attendance in the main office improved for the entire day. Instead of sneaking in, any employee who was late immediately went to his supervisor to explain why. This was significantly different from the relaxed approach to arriving tardy in the past. If the management noticed that someone had been in the break room or was missing from his desk for a lengthy time, they could review the footage for objective evidence. Once they could point out the lapse with the specific, verifiable facts, the employee usually simply admitted his lax behaviour and accepted a reprimand. As predicted by our private investigator, the employees' awareness of being monitored changed their behaviour dramatically.

Customer complaints have declined since our private investigators installed the cameras. Several on the staff commented about the office's 'new energy'. There was a new vigour and discipline among the workers. The company fired nobody because of this change and only delivered a few reprimands. After this success, our private investigators helped set up the phones to listen in on calls randomly. The employees were aware the upper staff may be evaluating their calls to clients. Each call that came in from a client started with a recording that told them the company's management may be listening. The customers appreciate this added quality control feature. The company has continued to engage the Detective Agency Glasgow. We often consult with the management on the company's continuing need for electronic employee oversight.

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