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The polygraph test is a well-liked test completed by the expert investigators from Detective Agency Glasgow. The lie detector exams are completed in your own home or in a hotel meeting space of your liking. The lie detector test is a superb method of investigation to show the truth in your story or that of another person.

All of our investigators are accredited people in the UK. The extremely informed private investigators and examiners are responsive to the requirements of those being analyzed and with the large experience of undertaking these types of assessments can rapidly place the individual using the device very comfortable. All of our devices are advanced as well as extremely specialized permitting the most effective outcomes. Visit UK Lie Detector Test to find more about lie detector tests.

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Glasgow Lie Detector Test

A husband and wife came to Detective Agency Glasgow because their marriage was in danger. During the early years of their marriage, the wife caught the husband having an affair twice. Both times they went to counselling and made up each time. However, this left the wife always concerned that her husband was having affair every time he left the house. Currently, his job as an architect had him frequently travelling outside the area on business. The wife understood the husband needed to work with the contractor at the location in another part of the country. However, she couldn't help but worry that her husband was away with another woman. She admitted to our private investigator that she obsessively looked through her husband's belongings and examined every receipt and bill trying to find some evidence of his infidelity. The husband denied any affairs claiming he had learned his lesson from the prior affairs. His wife reminded him that he said that after she caught him the first time, and he went ahead and had the second affair anyway. The husband steadfastly denied that she had anything to worry about now and he assured her that things were different. The wife finally asked our private detective if they could have a lie detector test administered to find out if he was telling the truth. The husband said he was willing to take the lie detector test because he was willing to do whatever he could to prove his faithfulness. He claimed that all he wanted to do was put his wife's mind at ease. He felt her suspicions were putting much stress on both of them and may, in fact, be more dangerous to their marriage than an actual affair. He did, however, state that he understood fully why his wife might feel the way that she did. He asked our private investigator several questions about the methods and accuracy of the test. Satisfied with the answers, he submitted to it.

Lie Detector Test in Glasgow

Our investigator began by setting up a baseline and then asked about the first two affairs. The husband admitted freely to both of them and the test showed that he was telling the truth. Then the private detective began to ask him whether he was currently having an affair. The interviewer asked for the same information in several different ways. Much to the relief of everyone, the test revealed that man was telling the truth and that he was not seeing anyone else romantically or for sex.

While this satisfied the wife, she worried that her reassurance might be short-lived. How could she be sure that she would continue to feel confident about his fidelity? The husband asked our detective if it would be okay if he made a pact with his wife. Whenever she became worried enough about him, he would come in for another lie detector test. That way it would be exclusively her decision and she could choose the time. He understood that he had created this problem and now he had to find a solution for it. He believed the solution was to give his wife full power to find out the truth whenever she felt she needed it. Our private investigator thought that his plan was good. Eighteen months later, they still have not come in for a follow-up test. We feel fairly confident that there has been no need.

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