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Are you currently concerned about protection at your vacation house but you are uncertain about the things to about it? Detective Agency Glasgow will help you with your protection requirements. Their listening device service can be fitted in your bungalow, caravan or flat with by a Glasgow private detective can provide you with the opportunity to give attention what's going on.

The Listening device system is a little device that provides the capability to call into hear instantly what is happening or record to listen later on. It's a perfect gadget with regard to security because it is hidden and concealed, will not make any sound and it has no pulsating lighting.

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The son of elderly woman sought to hire Detective Agency Glasgow to help his mother. The woman swore there were people in her house at night although there were no signs of it the next day. She claimed that just after she went to bed she could hear people moving around downstairs. She could hear voices and the dull sounds of people walking around. Occasionally, she thought she heard floorboards squeaking outside her bedroom door on the second floor. The son told our private investigators that he his mother was of sound mind and did not have mental problems that might cause her to hallucinate or suffer from delusions. The son was sure it was not just her imagination but he also couldn't believe that someone was in her house several nights of the weeks. The woman became more terrified as this continued and beginning to doubt her own sanity. The son wished to hire a private detective to clear up the mystery and find out what was making the noise

Listening Devices in Glasgow

Our private detectives placed high listening devices throughout the woman house. We explained to the woman about the devices and that we only wanted to out the source of the noise she heard at night. We assured her that as soon as we discovered that, we would be destroying any audio files that we recorded from the house and would remove all the listening devices. We would only engage the transmitters at night when she was sleeping. Our private investigators wanted her to feel comfortable with the set-up. She had enough stresses from the noise already. She stated she was indeed comfortable with our arrangement, and that she only wanted to solve the mystery of who was in the house while she was trying to sleep. That night our private detective listened in after the woman went to bed at the usual time. At 11:23 p.m. our private detective heard the distinct sound of voices, walking, and thumping as though someone was dropping something - perhaps a shoe on the floor. Then he heard the faint noise of a television playing the news. This all lasted about an hour and then suddenly stopped. Our Glasgow investigator listened to the active portion of the audio a few times. He worked on the sound quality and finally heard what only could be the sound of people arriving home at night from. The next day, we sent someone over to the talk to the neighbours in the attached house. They were a couple who had recently moved into the building, owned a restaurant and came home most night between 11:00 p.m. and midnight. They usually caught the news on television before finally going to bed around 1:00 a.m. They apologised if they were making too much noise

When our private detective told the woman, she said she felt relieved. Now that she knew what the sound was she didn't felt the noise was excessive. The prior owners were elderly also and kept similar hours. She recognised that she just wasn't accustomed to the change in neighbours. With the mystery solved, our private detectives removed all the listening equipment. A follow-up call a month later found the woman still noticing the sound but dismissing it for what it was and responding by falling into a peaceful sleep

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