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It is usually really irritating when your phone stops working properly. It may screw up all of your private information as well as making it hard to use the phone. For instance it could show the battery degree as higher than it actually is and so therefore you get cut off in mid sentence. Our forensic team at Detective Agency Glasgow we are able to assist you with these complaints.

The telephone forensic private investigators are highly trained professionals' that make use of advanced professional gear to get to the root of the issue with your telephone. There might be millions of explanations why your telephone isn't operating properly and the most typical is you have unknowingly down loaded a virus on your phone and it has baffled the operating-system.

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Glasgow Phone Forensics

A young woman came to the Detective Agency Glasgow because she was having problems with her phone. She was always forgetting her security pin. She said that she 'must have forgotten it a 100 times' and was always having to reset her phone to the factory setting. This was time-consuming and often caused her to lose information that she had stored there. She had a friend who had a similar problem, and our private detectives in the forensic department solved her friend's problem. It was easy to get into her phone using codes that different cell phone companies provide for bypassing a pin. Once our private eye technician did that, it was simply a matter of changing her pin number from the settings menu. However, if the woman was going to continue forgetting the four digit pin, restoring and resetting it would be just a wasted effort. Our private investigators in Glasgow next task was to provide the woman with a pin that she would not forget.

Phone Forensics in Glasgow

Numerical amnesia' is a phenomenon which is more prevalent in an age when our electronics remember numbers for us. Most of us can barely remember our own phone numbers much less those of friends, relatives, or businesses we frequent. We don't need to as we store all the numbers we need in our cell phones and other devices. We use our contacts names and not numbers when we call someone. Most people rely heavily on the speed dial with their telephones. However, most people who cannot remember a telephone number from yesterday can typically think back to their first childhood phone number and remember it with clarity. This is usually the first sequence of numbers a child learns and parents teach the child that number so they can always contact home should there be a problem. When we learned our childhood telephone numbers, there was little competition from other numbers and sequences of numbers for space in the memory. A child's first family phone number is usually permanently written on his brain. We asked our client to tell us the first phone number she had a child. She rattled off the number without stopping to think. From that we determined the easiest numbers for her to use. Rather than have her try to remember a new number, we advised her to use the last four digits of the number she never forgot. Her childhood phone number ended in 7429, and we entered this as the woman's new pin number. Our private investigators quizzed her playfully several times, and she believed that she had finally found a number that she wouldn't forget.

Our client also had trouble with cash machine pins and other passwords. She began using her childhood phone number for all of her codes and reported to us how she never forgot a pin again. On a follow-up discussion with our private detective, she said she felt less stressed and less 'scatterbrained' because her pin was always available when she needed to access her phone. She also referred some of her friends to us who had the same problem. We shared several different gimmicks for boosting the memory with them.

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