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Private Investigations Glasgow

Detective Agency Glasgow carry out all kinds of private investigations that are carried out by private detectives and investigators these may range from the matrimonial to some organization. Just like our organization this particular service has been about for several years and our Glasgow investigators have experienced numerous positive results for our clients.

It may be that you need to determine whether somebody that you've been speaking with on an online dating site is for real and not someone who lies about their personal information, prior to taking this any further. You may want to discover the owner of the vacant home that's next door from you that requires immediate maintenance and is affecting your home. There are various and fascinating factors that might make you require the help of our private investigation agency.

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Glasgow Private Investigations

A man called the Detective Agency Glasgow seeking a consultation because of marital concerns. He wanted to hire a private investigator to find out if he wife was being honest with him. Within the last year she had suddenly started working later during many evenings, sometimes not getting home until her husband had already gone to bed. It surprised him when she started coming home later from work. He never considered his wife an ambitious person. To the best of his knowledge, he wasn't aware of any problems in the marriage. He did notice a slight distance growing between them but he credited that to ageing and familiarity that came from the number of years since they had married. Their two teenaged children still lived in the house, and the husband felt the lack of privacy may also have played a part in their changing marriage. He provided our private detective with a picture, a description of her car and her work address.

Private Investigations in Glasgow

Our private detective began staking out the office late the next afternoon. About 5:15 pm, he watched the wife leave the office, but instead of going to her car, she stood beside another as though waiting. A man came out of the building, held the door open so she could get into the car, got in on the driver side, and he drove away. They stopped at a restaurant and stayed there for over an hour having dinner. From there, they drove to a nearby motel and checked in. Almost two hours later, they left the motel, and the man drove the wife to her car outside the office, and she drove home. Our private investigator documented this with photographs with timestamps for accuracy. Before delivering the report to the husband, he did a check on the car and discovered the owner of the car was the executive in charge of that branch of the company. All the evidence pointed to the man's wife having an affair with her boss.

After our private investigator presented the report to our client, he became distraught. He had his suspicions but the photographed evidence was too much for him. He said that he and his wife had socialised with her boss and his wife, and he believed their marriage was solid. Her boss would have been the last person he would have suspected. He wanted a referral to a solicitor to dissolve his marriage. Our private detective gave him a name but suggested that he might want a cooling-off period before deciding about his marriage. He suggested perhaps he could talk to a vicar or counsellor for guidance concerning this betrayal. In the end, after presenting the evidence to his wife, he discovered that she did not want a divorce. She agreed to end the affair if they could avoid separating. She denied being in love with her boss and wasn't sure what her motivation had been for straying. She agreed to go to counselling. She also quit her job. A follow-up consultation found the two still together and, as the husband described it, 'struggling, but I think we'll make it.'

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