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Monitoring could be possibly static or mobile. Static surveillance or monitoring is actually monitoring that's completed by using hidden or concealed digital cameras which have been installed by a private investigator within a region which will catch the specified video footage. Mobile monitoring is generally completed by Two private detectives that stick to the subject to gain video and photographic proof of all the as actions and movements.

Detective Agency Glasgow come with a superb reputation for surveillance investigations and with Twenty five years experience in the industry among the greatest private detectives Glasgow have to give you. Our pleasant and expert private investigators are here to advise you regarding any kind of monitoring you need in your scenario.

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Glasgow Surveillance

A middle-aged gentleman contacted the Detective Agency Glasgow because he had some concerns about his younger wife. Against his wishes, she had taken a job at a local pub. However, one night, he was going to surprise her by visiting her at her work. When he asked about her, nobody in the pub knew who she was. He decided to hire a private detective to see if he could find out where she was going instead. They had only been married for two years. The marriage had gone well until she insisted that she get a job at the local pub. The man was well-off and there was no reason for her to get a job at all, much less one at a pub. But his wife said she needed to get out of the house and be with people. The husband asked our private investigator if he could follow her and find out what she was doing and where she was going. She was obviously not a barmaid in the pub. He did not want to confront her until he knew more details so that she couldn't cover her tracks. He wanted to know the truth.

Surveillance in Glasgow

Our private investigator began to follow the wife when she left for her 'shift at the pub'. He followed her first to a coffee shop where she met with a group of people of all ages who had opened books in front of them. After about an hour, the group stood up as a whole and headed to the nearby high school. Our private investigator followed them to a classroom where a teacher was teaching literature. The husband was not sure why his wife would be at the school but wondered if there was a young man she might be seeing while she was at the class. He asked the private detective to find out more about his wife's whereabouts during the evening. The next day when the wife left for 'work', our private investigator followed her again. She returned to the same coffee shop but this night she studied alone. Just before 7:00 pm she walked to the high school for the adult class and sat in a macroeconomics class. She took Spanish Level 1 the next night. Each time, our private investigator reported the nature of the wife's evening to her husband the following day. Each report perplexed him a little more.

Finally, our client confronted his wife. She was upset that her husband had concerns. She admitted that she had lied to him, but that started before they were married. Back when they were dating and she was trying to impress him, she told him that she had completed school and had taken a few years of university classes. The truth was that she had dropped out of school at 16. Her husband had completed university and held a couple of advanced degrees. She felt that he might look down on her, and so she was trying to make up for her lie by attending classes. Now that he understood what she was doing, it pleased him that she cared enough to try to impress him. He encouraged her to take all classes that she wanted to but assured her that she didn't have to and he valued her the way she was. The report from our private detective had restored trust and understanding in this marriage.

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