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Perhaps you have given somebody cash and they've all of a sudden left the city? If you want to hire a company to find the person that owes you cash, take a look at the most well liked private detective Glasgow can suggest at Detective Agency Glasgow. The professional and significantly educated private detectives may find your debtor and help to get it back.

With lots of experience within the private investigator business the private investigators in Glasgow have assisted lots of people in getting back their money. Our pleasant and understanding private detectives and investigators will help you get your funds returned by tracking down your debtor. Our private investigation service is first rate at discovering the whereabouts of those who owe you money as well as aiding our clients with getting their money back.

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Glasgow Tracing Debtors

The owner of a limousine service came to Glasgow Detective Services wanting to hire a private investigator to find three individuals. They had all used his cars and drivers for long periods of time but had not paid their bills. The total sum was significant. Our private detectives found addresses for the debtors. A few weeks later our client returned to us and had another assignment. Experience had taught him that suing a debtor had mixed results, especially if the debtor had no money. He wanted to hire our detective to do a trace to see what the debtors possessed. With this information he could make a reasoned decision before wasting time and money trying to recoup the money through the courts. Since our private investigators had already tracked the debtors to their current addresses, it was now mostly a matter of accessing credit and financial records as well as other available transaction reports. Our client was dubious that they would be able to pay their debts, but he thought it was worth the expense to find out

Tracing Debtors in Glasgow

Our private detectives did a thorough asset check on each of the individuals. They quickly verified that two of the three men had enough to pay their bills for the use of cars and drivers. One of the debtors had recently bought a large home, held a high paying executive position and his healthy stock portfolio was a thing of legend. It was a simple decision to launch legal action against him. The second had a good job and lived in an upscale neighbourhood. He had recently bought a new car. This all suggested that he had the means to pay his bill, and it looked good for our client recovering money from him. The third was more difficult. He lived in a small apartment and worked as actor. Our private detective could not find any property of value or anything that suggested he had the means to pay the bill. However, a search showed him having recently won a lead role in a play in a major theatre. It was reasonable to assume the production was going to provide the actor with a paycheque for a least a short time. How long this job would pay him depended on the success of the play. His credit rating was poor, and he owed many other people money. So our client had to weigh the money the actor was now making against standing in line with other creditors. If he was too far at the back of the metaphorical line, it would not be worth his time or money legally chasing the debt.

Our private investigators presented all of the information on the three men. Our client decided that he would pursue stronger legal measures for the two men who had some holdings. He would continue to send letters and statements soliciting payment from the actor. Thanks partially to our private investigators' report, the limousine company owner recovered the full amount of the debt from the two men he confronted legally. We discovered in a follow-up that our client was still waiting for payment from the actor but believed that the play had been successful enough to logically take legal action against him. Since these initial cases, the limo service owner has remained a regular client at Glasgow Detective Services.

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