Detectives at Detective Agency Glasgow Emphasize On How Cyber Attacks Can Be Prevented And Countered

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Concerned by the article "Sim card firm links GCHQ and NSA to hack attacks" ( published in BBC News on February 25th 2015, the team of detectives at Private Detectives Glasgow discusses ways through which cyber-attacks can be countered.

The article in BBC News published on 25th February 2015:, describes the recent discovery of how cyberspace agencies launched attacks on computer systems. The attacks have given spies the secret potential to be able to hack a firm. Hacking was carried out in two ways. Employers and employees at a high end French company, Gemalto, were sent unauthorized emails. The emails were also sent to external sources. Another similar email was sent to a client of the company inducing a malware that triggered a bigger problem. The emails can significantly impact all working networks of the company. The office at Gemalto was hacked by GCHQ and NSA, after which access was gained to the information updated in the office's system. The Sim cards can also be hacked and unauthorized access can be acquired to text messages and phone calls. Each cyber system has an independent encryption system which can be cracked upon. Unauthorized transactions are also possible through the company's account that can lead to massive losses.

Responding to the article published in BBC News, detectives at Detective Agency Glasgow ( speak out on the importance of taking steps to prevent all cyber fraud. The detectives speak of the loss Gemalto has suffered from and come up with various alternatives that will help other companies minimize the chances of cyber-attacks. With the help of Private Detectives, company emails and networks can be protected and encrypted in such a manner that any action of breaching immediately updates the company's security. Private detectives can also immediately detect the source sending out unauthorized emails and eliminate the source before physical and irreparable damage can occur. Private Investigators Glasgow has a renowned reputation all across the UK based on several cyber cases the private agency has effectively solved. In case of any cyber related mishap, clients can contact Private Investigators at Glasgow and gain a proficient solution.

The Chief Investigator at Detective Agency Glasgow, Clare Wright, discusses the inherent need of proper security precautions that can help save large companies from all forms of cyber fraud. Detective Wright says "There are many ways cyber fraud can be committed. These are through emails, networks and cell-phones. Hackers can gain access to such delicate information, which when needed poorly can lead to irreparable damage. Unless there is someone who can detect the damage when it is initiated and not when completed, the entire attack can be haltered and the root cause can be found. Private Detectives at Glasgow have ensured and secured several companies with their uncanny skills to achieve exactly that." Chief Investigator Clare Wright can be reached via email, ( or through the company's contact number (0141 347 2018).

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